H.S. Seniors

    Class of 2023 Photo Sitting Options:

Basic Studio Session: $95.00- One outfit on two backdrops includes your
yearbook photo and (2) 5×7 enlargements

Extended Studio Session: $135.00- Two outfits on two backdrops includes
your yearbook photo, (2) 5×7 enlargements and 8 wallet-sized photos

Outdoor Walk-Around Session: $245.00- One hour of shoot time at a local
venue capturing a variety of of angles and poses. These sessions will be
done in the morning or late day during the summer months to work with the
best lighting that mother nature has to offer. Includes yearbook photo,
(4) 5×7 enlargements and 8 wallet-sized photos.

Heller Photography in Attleboro is offering these 3 sitting options for the
class of 2023. You’ll have your choice of everything
from a basic studio shoot to an hour-long session at a local venue. I hope
you’ll find this to be the best possible combination of price,
personalized service and quality that simply can’t be matched by the
“school photographer”. These contracted school studios will attempt to
lure you in with rock-bottom prices but will not include prints as
part of the session. Their print prices would astound you!

Another thing to watch for is the “Minimum Purchase” clause. Some
photographers will “allow” you to be photographed by them only if you
promise to purchase “x” dollars worth of prints. Hope you were paying attention
in algebra class, because the value of “x” is VERY important. You may be
looking at hundreds of dollars, even if you don’t need all those prints!
Please make an informed decision regarding your senior portraits.

Please note that all sessions are subject to MA sales tax. Additional
enlargements beyond those included may be purchased with NO MINIMUM
PURCHASE. All print prices listed on the general information page at