Andy Heller’s interest in photography dates back to childhood when his dad gave him a very basic manual camera.  The journey  never ceased, as he continued making photographs through high school, college and into his first job as a photographer at a small weekly newspaper.

Prior to the advent of digital cameras,  film was the  medium used to capture life’s moments, and film was not a very forgiving medium.  There was no Photoshop, no home computers, and virtually no way to correct captured images after the fact.   Photographs had to be created properly from the outset. This is a mentality that he maintains through every photo shoot, whether it’s a business headshot, family session or a portrait of a beloved family pet.  While the ability to “preview” an image is a welcome advantage of digital cameras,  Andy feels that it is never a substitute for knowledge, patience and understanding of his equipment and the client’s needs.

While utilizing the latest digital cameras and computer technology, he maintains a  deliberate pace while photographing,  paying careful attention to subject detail in an effort to create a photograph that will be cherished for years to come.

Having operated his studio for many years in Walpole,  Andy moved Heller Photography to his hometown of Attleboro, MA, taking space in a former jewelry manufacturing building.   ‘”Moving my studio to Attleboro was probably long overdue,” he said.  “My wife Caron is a school teacher here and I’m known in the the community so it just made  sense to do business where I live,” he added.   Andy is an active member of the United Regional Chamber of Commerce  and enjoys his interaction with local business owners.

If you’re in need of a professional photographer for either business or family, please contact Andy directly by calling 508-277-2601 or sending email to andy@hellerphoto.com  Thank you!



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